Health City’s inaugural Stakeholders and Bacon event, Friday, February 1.

8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Stakeholders and Bacon featured:

  • Updates on the progress and successes of Health City,
  • Presentations and discussion with new people in the global health innovation ecosystem,
  • Interaction with speakers and networking with colleagues,
  • Stakeholder decision-making to launch Health City’s new working groups.

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Mayor Don Iveson,
City of Edmonton
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Reg Joseph,
CEO, Health City
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Joanne Fedeyko,
CEO, Silicon Valley Connection
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Rob Henderson,
CEO, BioTalent Canada
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Jason Pincock,
Chair, Health City Board; CEO DynaLife Medical Labs
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Reid Whitlock,
Data Decision and Support Analyst, Chronic Disease Innovation Centre (CDIC)
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Dornoosh Zonoobi,
Co-founder & CEO, Medo-AI
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Badeia Jawhari,
Manager, Healthcare Technology Strategy and Architecture, Deloitte
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Randy Duguay,
CEO, Health Gauge
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Brian O’Connor,
Chair, European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance)
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Cory Janssen,
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Hakim Yadi,
CEO, Northern Health Sciences Alliance Ltd, U of Cambridge, UK
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Chris Carvalho, BSc, PMP
Health City Working Groups Co-Lead & Principal Consultant, Carveira Group Consulting
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Amy Roy Gratton,
Career Education Coordinator, Career Centre, University of Alberta
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Bryce Thomsen,
CEO, INLET Health & Wellness, MD Class of 2020
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Ravina Anand,
COO, INLET Health and Wellness, Public Policy and Global Affairs Masters candidate
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Luke Butterworth,
CEO of TrioovaCare, EMBA student
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Antonio Bruni,
Manager, Business Development, Health City
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Program Agenda

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Greetings from Mayor Don Iveson.
Greetings from Jason Pincock, Chair Health City Board, CEO DynaLife Medical Labs.

Reg Joseph, CEO, Health City (Presentation slides here)

Introduction by Antonio Bruni, Manager, Business Development, Health City

Luke Butterworth: EMBA student, University of Alberta; CEO of TrioovaCare

Ravina Anand: Masters candidate Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia, COO, INLET Health and Wellness

Bryce Thomsen: MD Class of 2020, University of Alberta, CEO, INLET Health & Wellness

Rob Henderson, CEO, BioTalent Canada (Presentation slides here)
Questions: Amy Roy Gratton, Career Education Coordinator, Career Centre, University of Alberta

Moderator: Joanne Fedeyko, CEO,  Connection Silicon Valley

Cory Janssen, CEO, ALTAML (Presentation slides here)
Reid Whitlock, Data Decision and Support Analyst, Chronic Disease Innovation Centre (CDIC) (Presentation slides here)

Moderator: Joanne Fedeyko, CEO,  Connection Silicon Valley

Randy Duguay, CEO, Health Gauge (Presentation slides here)
Dornoosh Zonoobi, Co-founder & CEO,
Badeia Jawhari, Manager, Healthcare Technology Strategy and Architecture, Deloitte
Hakim Yadi, CEO, Northern Health Sciences Alliance Ltd NHSA U of Cambridge, UK (via Skype) (Presentation slides here)
Brian O’Connor, Chair, European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) (via Skype)

Reg Joseph introduction
Chris Carvalho, Co-Lead Health City Working Groups & Principal Consultant, Carveira Group Consulting (Presentation slides here)

Reg Joseph, CEO, Health City


Antonio Bruni, BSc, PhD

Antonio Bruni recently joined Health City as Business Development Manager after working in the medical device start-up space in Ontario and completing his doctoral degree in the renowned Shapiro laboratory at the University of Alberta. During his graduate training, Antonio published over 15 peer-reviewed publications, was the successful recipient of numerous awards and grants and shared his research at local, national and international conferences. As a graduate student, Antonio was immersed in many extra-curricular and leadership roles at the University and community level and was recognized as a 2017 recipient of the Government of Alberta’s Graduate Citizenship Award. His breadth of experience has equipped him with strong R&D and project management skills and the tools necessary to thrive in lean organizations.

Pursuant to his doctorate, Antonio served as Clinical Trial Quality Coordinator in the world-leading Clinical Islet Transplant Program at the University of Alberta, where he managed numerous cutting-edge clinical trials related to therapies for type-1 diabetes, secured million-dollar grant funding, and contributed to Health Canada and research ethics applications. He also serves as an academic reviewer for various peer-review journal publications, including Cell Transplantation and Clinical Medicine Insights: Endocrinology and Diabetes.

Antonio’s role with Health City combines his passion for engaging with innovators & stakeholders to drive economic growth and create opportunities for talent development and retention within our community.


Chris Carvalho, BSc, PMP

Chris Carvalho has recently joined Health City as the Working Group Lead and will utilize his strong project management and consulting experience to guide the working groups from formation to outcomes delivery.

Chris is an experienced entrepreneur and senior leader who combines strategic thinking with an action-oriented approach to drive large change and transformation initiatives. He has spent most of his career in the private sector, providing consulting services to public and private sector clients in the health system. He has worked with clients in various sectors including NorQuest College, TELUS Health, TEC Edmonton, Canadian Western Bank, AHS, POSP, Interior Health, as well as local health start-ups. He has gained international experience with clients such as HTAi, helping them build partnerships with large multi-national organizations in the pharmaceutical and medical device space, and with non-profit organizations focused on health technology assessment.

Chris has a BSc in Health Informatics and is a certified Project Manager (PMP). He is excited to engage directly with health innovation stakeholders and to support their actions by applying his local and global experience to influence change within the system.


Reid Whitlock, MSc, Data Decision and Support Analyst, CDIC

The Chronic Disease Innovation Centre (CDIC) at Seven Oaks General Hospital in Winnipeg was founded in 2011 and has an interdisciplinary team led by three nephrologists. CDIC is the only research institute of its kind in Manitoba—and it is among a few in the world—that is focused on chronic disease management and prevention. Most medical research focuses on finding a cure through pharmacological treatment or genetic testing. CDIC research is based primarily on sophisticated data analysis to predict risk, and to model and evaluate improved processes and treatment.

CDIC is an incubator for local, provincial and international collaboration. It offers research services to industry at every stage of the research and development process, along with preferred access to the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy’s Population Health Research Data Repository – a comprehensive collection of administrative, registry, survey, utilization (hospital, clinic, prescriptions, etc.) and population data for Manitobans. The practical results of CDIC’s patient-focused research have proven to reduce risk and help prevent and lower healthcare costs for chronic disease in the province.

Reid Whitlock is the CDIC’s Data Decision and Support Analyst. He holds a M.Sc. in Community Health Sciences from the University of Manitoba. Reid has authored or co-authored 9 peer-reviewed publications and has led and coordinated various cohort studies and systematic reviews for evaluating patient outcomes in relation to frailty, diagnostic tools, and medication for diabetes and chronic kidney disease.


Jason Pincock, Board Chair

Jason is currently the Chief Executive Officer of DynaLIFE Medical Labs, one of Alberta’s largest private healthcare organizations. At over 1100 employees DynaLIFE is Canada’s most regarded multidisciplinary clinical laboratory organization and is recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. DynaLIFE provides clinical diagnostics to support physicians, patients, hospitals and other health providers from central Alberta through the Territories. DynaLIFE is internationally accredited for quality and is routinely listed as one of Albert’s Best Workplaces. Its dedication to the community includes sponsorships and fundraising for a variety of charities as well as support for researchers and health care startup organizations.

Jason is a Certified Management Accountant, a graduate of the Queens Executive Program and a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Jason works with an ownership board, including OMERS and Laboratory Corporation of America (publicly traded. With a decade of experience at the executive level his background includes roles from CFO to Government Relations. Although his professional background is financial, he is regarded for his transparent and accountable leadership style, as a creator and driver of innovation and strategy. Jason participates in various bio‐tech related industry groups, works with Economic Development and participates on various community committees. Jason is currently the Vice Chair of Edmonton’s Health City initiative and is serving on the boards of Little Warriors, Bissell Centre, and Viewics a US health analytics company.

On a personal level, Jason lives in St. Albert with a big family that includes six active children. In between work and kids he is an active outdoorsman with passions from sailing to skiing, motorbikes to mountains, and loves to spend time with his family in the back country or behind the boat at their cabin.


Joanne Fedeyko, CMA, CEO, Connection Silicon Valley

Joanne Fedeyko is the CEO of Connection Silicon Valley, an organization that helps companies collaborate, connect, innovate, and partner with Silicon Valley’s world-renowned technology ecosystem. 

In 2018, Connection Silicon Valley, in partnership with Calgary-based New West Networks, was awarded a three-year contract with the Government of Alberta to drive investment into the province and support startups by helping them gain access to Silicon Valley. 

Joanne is a Founding Board Member of Canadian Entrepreneurs in Life Science (CELS—a nonprofit organization supporting the advancement of Canadian life science technology businesses through access to connections, community and capital in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Connection Silicon Valley founded the Canadian Women’s Network in 2017 with a goal of supporting Canadian female founders, women in tech, and female business leaders grow their business, drive economic value back to Canada, and strengthen their own personal and company profile.  

Joanne is also the Managing Director of theBoardlist Canada, a global marketplace to get more women on public and private boards.


Rob Henderson, President & CEO, BioTalent Canada

Rob Henderson is the President and CEO of BioTalent Canada, the HR partner of and a catalyst for growth in Canada’s bio-economy. The organization’s engagement with employers, associations, post-secondary institutions, immigrant serving agencies and service providers has built a dynamic network that is strengthening skills, connecting job-ready talent to industry and creating opportunities. The organization has a long and successful track record of implementing wage subsidies, HR products and labour market information to assist companies in recruiting the talent they need.

Rob holds a BSc Honours in Biology from the University of Ottawa and possesses more than 25 years of senior management experience in the private and public sectors. His expertise and experience have now been extending to the Labour Market Information Council as a member of their National Stakeholders Advisory Panel.


Cory Janssen, Investor and Co-founder, AltaML

AltaML was founded in Edmonton by Cory and Nicole Janssen to develop and apply machine learning to business solutions.  AltaML combines expertise in machine learning, product development, and digital marketing with capital to help businesses leverage data and machine learning/artificial intelligence to competitive advantage.

Cory Janssen AltaML CEO , is also founder of Galt Capital, a private investment firm. Previously, Cory was co-founder of, a financial education site that provided content and tools to help educate individual investors. From its founding in 1999, Investopedia became one of the most popular financial sites on the web and was sold to Forbes Media in 2007. The business model for Investopedia was then replicated through Janalta Interactive Inc., a holding company for digital media properties. Currently, Janalta publishes over a dozen websites.

Cory is past-President of the Edmonton chapter for Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and active in the Alberta entrepreneurial community as a member of the A100, the Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) program at the University of Alberta and as an associate for Creative Destruction Labs (CDL) Rockies. He also sits on the boards of Brace Tool, a private oilfield tools company, the Canadian Brewhouse, a private restaurant chain, and Edmonton Global, a new economic development corporation owned by the municipalities in the Edmonton region. 


Randy Duguay, M.Eng, CEO, Salu | Health Gauge

Salu | Health Gauge, based in Edmonton, is creating world-leading solutions in AI and machine-learning enabled applications, focusing on heart health data monitoring using simple to use solutions. Salu | Health Gauge’s vision is to help people become more personally aware of their day-to-day health information and biometrics with a high degree of accuracy.

Randy Duguay is the CEO of Edmonton-based Salu/Health Gauge. Over his career he has focused and applied his leadership experience to creating high-value solutions. At TELUS (Canada) Randy was involved in telecommunications services developments and creating new health services and market opportunities.

Randy has led numerous successful strategy, planning and development projects, melding business and technology expertise. He is the author of numerous solutions and services white papers, in-depth analyses, business modeling, business case materials, mergers and acquisition valuation and synergies, and in leading research and commercialization initiatives.


Dr. Syed Imran Ahmed, MD, Project Research Lead, icddr,b, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, icddr,b is one of the world’s leading health research institutes specifically addressing issues in developing nations through innovative scientific research – including laboratory-based, clinical, epidemiological and health systems research. By developing, testing and assessing the implementation of interventions specifically designed for resource-poor settings, icddr,b aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in the world’s poorest nations. icddr,b receives funding from international health funding organizations that include the Hilton Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Medical Research Council of UK, and the United Nations.

Dr. Ahmed is a medical doctor and research trainee with icddr,b. One of the projects he is leading in icddr,b where he is working in collaboration with Edmonton’s Salu | Health Gauge. The project, supported by the Gates Foundation, is to develop a wearable device that combines electrocardiography (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG) data to create a unique way to monitor blood pressure among mothers who are at risk of hypertensive disorders (eclampsia, preeclampsia, gestational hypertension).


Dornoosh Zonoobi, MEng, PhD (Medical Machine Learning), Co-founder and CEO, is an Edmonton and Singapore-based company, led by a team of clinicians and scientists, that simplifies the use of ultrasound for common and critical conditions by using artificial intelligence techniques, 3D technologies and the Cloud. was co-founded by Dr. Dornoosh Zonoobi, senior radiologists and award winning scientists Jeeveesh Kapur and Jacob Jeremko. Dornoosh has led from the idea and proof of concept through product development and building a team to raising an oversubscribed multi-million dollar round of seed funding.

Dornoosh co-founded after more than a decade of leading machine learning research focused on medical imaging. Most recently she was a research scientist in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta. One of her projects was a multi-centre study on developmental hip dysplasia in infants which resulted in the world’s largest 3D ultrasound scan database of infants with hip dysplasia in Edmonton, Melbourne and Singapore. Previously, as a research fellow at the National University of Singapore, Dornoosh was developing reconstruction techniques for medical images that change with time, such as dynamic/functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).


Badeia Jawhari, MSc, CPHR, Healthcare|Technology Strategy and Architecture, Deloitte Edmonton

Badeia is a Manager in Deloitte’s Technology Strategy & Architecture practice. She has a background in human resources, global health and health informatics. Badeia specializes in developing sustainable programs to address complex healthcare transformation initiatives, particularly around information management, technology, strategy and health information system implementations. Her experience expands to working in different countries, and her efforts have focused on evaluation, health system research, industry change management, business and system requirements while developing sustainable implementation strategies.

Badeia’s experience has awarded her the opportunity to attend various international conferences such as Singularity University Exponential Medicine Summit, World Health Assembly hosted by the World Health Organization, and has presented at the Medical Informatics Europe Conference. Badeia has been able to participate and be at the forefront of discussions regarding complex global challenges.

Badeia graduated with a bilingual (French) Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta, is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) and has a Masters in Medicine focused in health Informatics from the University of Alberta. Badeia is a member of the National Institute of Medical Informatics, American Medical Informatics Association and an academic reviewer for the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association.


Hakim Yadi, PhD, OBE, CEO, NHSA

Dr Hakim Yadi OBE is CEO of the Northern Health Science Alliance Ltd (NHSA). He led the formation of the NHSA, bringing together 20 NHSA members as a single health partnership across the North of England’s 15m population. He has experience of building a recognised brand & corporate identity across a networked approach of multi-disciplinary science. Over the past four years he has secured over £50m in contracts for NHSA members and has raised the profile of the North’s health research both nationally and internationally establishing research partnerships in the US and across the commonwealth.

Previously he was at PA Consulting Group where on secondment to UK Government he was Chief Operations Officer and founding member of the Department Of International Trade Life Sciences Organisation.

Hakim holds a PhD in the Immunology of Pregnancy from the University of Cambridge and has published peer reviewed papers on his academic research. Hakim currently serves as a NED for the UK AMR Centre

Hakim was awarded an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for services to Healthcare Technology and the Economy in the 2017 New Year’s Honours List.


Brian O’Connor, Chair, ECHAlliance

The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) facilitates multi-stakeholder connections around ecosystems, driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care.

ECHAlliance connects governments, industry, research institutes, health services, patient groups around the world with a mission is to listen to the needs of patients and citizens and to introduce solutions for better care.

ECHAlliance has a worldwide community of over 16,500 experts, representing multiple sectors and interest groups, which connects through ecosystems meetings (100+ per year across Europe and beyond), international events and the ECHAlliance online platform, “Connector”  

The ECHAlliance’s Digital Health Observatory (DHO) and Digital Health Society (DHS) foster and promote the transfer of knowledge, experiences and best practices in digital health globally.

ECHAlliance is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland and in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

The founder and creator of ECHAlliance, Brian O’Connor grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He developed his career as a consultant, manager and investor. He has worked in the UK, US and Hong Kong and has vast experience as a company director in a variety of industries. He is currently providing strategic advice to governments, international organizations and companies on the challenges facing healthcare in general and specifically on connected health opportunities.


Reg Joseph, BSc, MBA

Reg Joseph was appointed as the CEO of Health City in February 2018. He has 20 years’ experience spanning the biotechnology, high technology and investment sectors.

Reg has served in a wide variety of roles including: the CEO of a local University of Alberta start-up company, an equity research analyst with Boston-based Leerink Swann & Co. and at US-based Invitrogen Corporation (now Thermo Fisher). Most recently, he served as the Vice President of the Health portfolio at Alberta Innovates. In this role, he led the provincial strategy for health innovation and drove industry and non-profit collaborations with the province.

Reg currently serves as Chair of the Board of BioTalent Canada, sits on BioAlberta’s policy committee and serves as President of the Board for the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE). He has a B.Sc. in Physiology and an MBA in Finance.


Don Iveson

Since his election as Edmonton’s 35th Mayor in 2013, Mayor Iveson has led Edmonton’s transformation into a more uplifting, resilient and globally competitive city. Alongside his remarkable partner Sarah Chan, they both serve our community while raising two young children, working to make things better for all our kids and grandkids.

Harnessing a new confidence among Edmontonians, he is focused on the priorities of growing an opportunity economy, building a more family friendly city, accelerating our leadership on energy and climate, and planning for a million people – all while strengthening integrity and performance at City Hall.

Prior to entering public life, Iveson studied Political Science at the University of Alberta, then served as president of Canadian University Press in Toronto. He returned home to a city that appeared to be exporting young, smart leaders, thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs faster than it could attract them. As a proud Edmontonian, the challenge of attracting and retaining more people inspired Iveson to run for City Council in 2007. As a result, one of his key performance indicators – as both a Councillor and Mayor – is to build the kind of city that, when the time comes, his children will never want to leave.


Luke Butterworth

Luke Butterworth is an EMBA student at the University of Alberta and founder and CEO of TrioovaCare, remote personal HomeCare management for aging in place. 


Ravina Anand

Ravina Anand, BSc, is a masters in Public Policy and Global Affairs candidate at the University of British Columbia. In 2017, she was named one of Top 30 Under 30  by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation for contributions towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  She was awarded Grant MacEwan’s President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Student Leadership in 2018.


Bryce Thomsen

Bryce Thomsen is in the MD Class of 2020 at the University of Alberta and is CEO of INLET Health & Wellness. Bryce was a Queen Elizabeth Scholar in 2016 and a Peter Lougheed Leadership Scholar in 2017. He was named one of Alberta Top 30 Under 30 by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation in 2019.


Amy Roy Gratton, Career Education Coordinator, Career Centre, University of Alberta

For the past 13 years Amy Roy Gratton has managed and delivered innovative career services such as job shadowing, career mentoring and advising at the University of Alberta to get students, alumni and postdoctoral fellows thinking about their career in terms of next steps. Amy is often asked to present on topics related to career resilience, career management and being the agent of your own career.