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Here are some highlights from this week’s Health Innovation Roundup:


  • U of A researcher James Collip is gaining recognition for his role in the discovery of insulin. Alison Li, the author of J.B. Collip and the Development of Medical Research, told CBC’s Radio Active that Collip was really the one who made the winning touchdown. There are plans to honour him in June.
  • New U of A research on how people cope with chronic back pain has shown that being motivated to participate in life can help people stay active despite dealing with persistent pain.
  • U of A spin-off biotechnology company 48Hour Discovery and Quantum Intelligence Corporation announced the establishment of their joint venture: Quantum Intelligence Discovery. QID is expected to help develop an advanced drug discovery pipeline that reaps the benefits of the two startups’ technologies.
  • Sound3 Lab is a new U of A project that will help advance innovative research in audio design and sonic experience. The new state-of-the-art sound laboratory will be located in the arts building and is supported by a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.
  • AHS has launched a new public campaign to remind Albertans to book an appointment with their family doctor if they have a health concern. The campaign is targeting symptoms that may be linked to a cancer diagnosis.
  • Edmonton Global has published a new video featuring the Edmonton Metropolitan Region as a hub for Canada’s most innovative companies.
  • Fifteen Amii researchers have been appointed as Canada CIFAR AI Chairs for their leadership in AI research in Canada.
  • Edmonton-based biotechnology company Ceapro has released a statement saying that its president and chief executive officer Gilles Gagnon will present at Noble Capital Markets’ 17th Annual Investor Conference on Jan. 20.
  • Montreal-based ELNA Medical has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Medicentres Canada, founded in Edmonton as a walk-in clinic in 1979.
  • Health City has announced Justin Pitt as its new business operations coordinator.


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