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Here are some highlights from this week’s Health Innovation Roundup:


  • In a new U of A study, researchers found that the complex package of DNA and proteins called chromatin is neither a solid nor a liquid, but something more like a gel. Researchers said that the discovery could lead to a better understanding of diseases like cancer.
  • U of A research has found that elite athletes who suffer concussions are more likely to have symptoms of anxiety and depression than those who sustain other bodily injuries.
  • President and CEO of the University Hospital Foundation Jodi Abbott is featured in a new article published in the Edmonton Journal.
  • Alberta Health Services is offering a free series of virtual workshops to support Albertans with chronic pain and long-term health conditions. The workshops will run over a six-week period starting in February.
  • Edmonton growth-stage biotechnology company Ceapro announced that the company’s president and chief executive officer Gilles Gagnon will present at the H.C. Wainwright BioConnect 2021 Virtual Conference taking place Jan. 11-14.
  • Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) CEO Andrew MacIssac is featured in the latest issue of Edmonton’s Modern Luxuria magazine.
  • API is hiring a new clinical and regulatory specialist, medical writer who will oversee the writing of clinical and regulatory documents.
  • Applications for Alberta Innovates Summer Studentships are open until Feb 3. The program provides funding to support students engaging in medical and health sciences research and innovation.
  • Stage 1 applications for the Alberta Innovates Health Innovation Platform Partnerships program are due Jan. 15.
  • President of Allegorical Alchemy Clare Gibson is one of the recipients of the Edifier Awards 2021. Gibson is a health researcher and filmmaker who’s known for her passion of combining science and art.


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