AlbertaAI brings international connections and passionate grassroots approach to development of talent and skills.


Health City and AlbertaAI have entered into a collaborative agreement to explore potential opportunities to work together to build on the development of skills and expertise in computing science and artificial intelligence.

Photo courtesy of AlbertaAI

The Alberta Artificial Intelligence Association (AlbertaAI) is a non-profit organization established in 2017 by a group of passionate volunteers.  Their vision is to “cultivate the Alberta AI ecosystem and connect the AI community in Alberta with the world.” They have strong international roots through their immigrant communities and student groups and leverage those relationships to establish connections with business and entrepreneurs.

Health City CEO, Reg Joseph, believes that the health sector in our region can leverage this group of students and volunteers to strengthen the artificial intelligence skillset in our region. “This type of grassroots organization demonstrates the international interest we’re generating here,” Joseph says, “One of our goals at Health City is to ensure that our talent is put to work here in Alberta. We want to work with groups like AlbertaAI to figure out just how to do that.”

“We’re excited to have these conversations with Health City,” says AlbertaAI President, Lihang Ying, “our goal is to work with organizations like Health City to connect industries and investment with AI talents and help position Edmonton and Alberta as a global AI hub.”