Young patient wearing virtual reality headset sitting next to doctor holding a tablet

Virtual Reality (VR) is more than an exciting gaming platform – it has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by providing patients with an immersive and interactive experience, improving medical training, increasing access to care and reducing healthcare costs. With digital health on the rise, immersive technologies can make healthcare more efficient, effective, and accessible. It’s no surprise that Canada’s digital health market revenue is projected to reach nearly 3.6 billion dollars in 2023.

Digital health – including virtual reality – is helping make health care education more accessible for our practitioners through virtual training and the enabling of a highly personalized healthcare journey. From mental wellness to rehabilitation, VR technology can also facilitate virtual consultations and therapy sessions, and reach patients in remote or underserved areas, reducing healthcare disparities and improving patient outcomes.

We’re excited to be sponsoring the networking breaks with AR/VR demos at the 2023 Digital Health Canada/ANHIX Calgary Winter Conference on February 7 featuring these five Canadian companies who are moving the needle on VR in digital healthcare:

1. ELIXR Simulations – Edmonton, Alberta

ELIXR is a not-for-profit providing links to high-quality extended reality (XR) applications, support in connecting businesses to subject matter experts, links to a network for professionals, and work placements for new grads. Their goal is to achieve mainstream adoption of XR technologies in Alberta and around the world.

2. Luxsonic Technologies, Inc. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Luxsonic is on a mission is to improve access to healthcare around the world using immersive technologies, like virtual reality. They empower the healthcare industry with immersive tools that enhance medical education, clinical training, and healthcare delivery.

3. Red Iron Labs – Calgary, Alberta

Red Iron Labs uses game design theory to develop premier immersive and interactive solutions that engage, educate, entertain, and empower humans. Their technical strengths include but are not limited to: Building multiplayer experiences, simulations, and hyper realistic AAA (“Triple A”) video-game level environments across many industries including Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, Industrial and Occupational Health and Safety Training. 

4. RetinaLogik Inc. – Calgary, Alberta

RetinaLogik is an award-winning medical device start-up based out of Calgary working with top Albertan vision specialists to revolutionize vision testing technology. Their mission is to prevent vision loss for millions by making smarter vision screening more accessible for everyone, everywhere. 

5. Serenity DTx Inc. – Calgary, Alberta

Serenity DTx uses virtual reality to deliver relief to seniors suffering from dementia – the fifth leading cause of death in Canada – by deploying digital therapy using virtual reality, binaural beats, and meditative narration through virtual reality headsets and earbuds.  

Check out what these companies will be demonstrating at the conference