The Opportunity

As the global population ages, there is a growing need for innovative approaches to support the independence and well-being of older adults. Aging in place has been identified as a key strategy in this regard, but achieving it requires addressing numerous challenges, including health care access, home safety, and social connectivity. This project leverages innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, ensuring older adults can enjoy a high quality of life in their familiar environment. 

In Alberta, the aging population is rising rapidly. Between 2013 and 2023, the proportion of seniors (65 and older) increased from 12% to 16% of the total population. By 2051, it is projected that one in five Albertans will be a senior. Today’s seniors are living longer, healthier lives, contributing significantly to their communities through volunteering and civic engagement. (source)

However, with the increase in the senior population, there are growing concerns about the adequacy of health and social supports to meet their needs. Issues such as access to health care, home safety, financial security, and maintaining social connections are critical to ensuring the well-being of older adults. Proactive planning and innovative solutions are essential to address these challenges before they escalate.

Project Overview

The Alberta Age Smart Home Care Project redefines aging in place by leveraging innovative solutions to help older adults live independently, safely, and comfortably at home. As Canada’s population ages, the healthcare system faces increasing pressure, making innovative and sustainable care models more critical. This initiative, a strategic partnership between Health Cities, Infinity Healthcare, and PIER Technology Consulting, implements solutions tailored to the needs of the aging population. 

In 2022, The Brenda Strafford Foundation (BSF) and Health Cities launched the HealthTech Home Pilot Project to create a sandbox environment of consumer technology and innovative health solutions within a BSF-owned condo unit. While the HealthTech Home Pilot focused on a single individual in a supported living environment, the Age Smart Home Care Project expands to include multiple participants living in their own residences, receiving some level of home care support from Infinity Healthcare. This broader scope enables the implementation of more diverse technologies to support individual needs and improves understanding of how technology integration fits into existing home care provider processes to enhance client care. 

We at Infinity Healthcare are thrilled to be part of this innovative project aimed at leveraging technology to empower older adults to age in place. By easing caregiver burden, enhancing safety through small home modifications, and emphasizing the comfort and security of living at home, we’re not just improving lives but also reducing strain on the healthcare system. At Infinity Healthcare, we firmly believe that the safest and most comfortable place for seniors is always within the familiar walls of their own home.” Izabella Roth, CEO, Infinity Healthcare 

The goal of this project is to build a modern and sustainable home care framework that enhances safety and independence for seniors, reducing the need for hospital admissions and long-term care placements. It will also establish evidence-based best practices for integrating technology into aging in place strategies and design a scalable model that can be adapted to diverse settings. 

In addition to improving outcomes for seniors and reducing strain on the healthcare system, this project showcases a novel approach to supporting aging populations. It highlights the potential of technology to enhance seniors’ quality of life and offers significant insights for policymakers, healthcare providers, and technology developers in creating future technology-integrated home care solutions. 

We are thrilled to be part of an initiative that creates a measurable impact in enabling aging in place. Our team is dedicated to using readily available technology solutions to build a compassionate and empathetic future, where independence and quality of life for seniors are prioritized. By collaborating with like-minded teams and directly engaging with those who will benefit from these technologies, we hope to make aging in place a sustainable and commonplace reality.” Darryl Coggles, CEO, PIER Technology Consulting 

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Meet the Partners


Health Cities

Health Cities is an independent Canadian not-for-profit corporation that works with clinicians, innovators, philanthropic organizations, and companies to create environments and relationships for change in primary care and health data. We help inform decision-making and drive the delivery of new technologies and innovative solutions into our health system.  

Infinity Health Logo

Infinity Health

At Infinity Healthcare, we understand the importance of receiving exceptional care in the comfort of your own home. We're a team of dedicated caregivers passionate about providing compassionate and reliable in-home care services to clients throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas in Alberta. Our comprehensive range of services includes home support, personal care, nursing care, and specialized dementia care. Whether you, or your loved one, require assistance with daily living activities, medication management, or companionship, our team of qualified and compassionate caregivers is here to support you every step of the way. 


Pier Technology Consulting

Our Team is a unique one; we prioritize being consultants first and technology integrators second – this fact truly sets us apart. The PIERTEC approach is to properly understand your challenges before exploring how technology can enable effective change. 

Our approach centers on aligning your goals with IT solutions that make sense. We believe that your objectives should drive IT investments, not the other way around. We wish to understand your business and people to a degree where we are accepted as part of the fabric of your culture – our end goal is simple: For our Team to become your Team. 

Call For Technology

Alberta Age Smart Initiative: Enhancing Aging in Place through Innovation 

This project aims to reimagine the concept of aging in place by implementing innovative solutions that support older adults to live independently, safely, and comfortably in their own homes. Addressing the challenges of aging in place, like health care access, home safety, and social connectivity, is vital. We invite companies interested in partnering to demonstrate their innovative solutions in the homes of older adults throughout Alberta.  

The objectives of this project are to:  

  • Evaluate the impact of innovative solutions on the independence, health, and quality of life; 
  • Establish a scalable and replicable model of technology-integrated support for aging in place that can be adapted to different regions; and, 
  • Provide evidence-based recommendations for policymakers and other healthcare providers on supporting aging in place. 

Call for Innovative Solutions 

Requirement: Solutions must be proven through successful deployment in an operational setting (Technology Readiness Levels 8-9). If you aren’t familiar with Technology Readiness Levels, more information can be found here, along with an assessment tool. 


An application with more information will be available in the near future.