Digital Health Integration Readiness Platform (Pre-HaTCH)

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The Digital Health Integration Readiness Platform (Pre-HaTCH) is a joint initiative between Health Cities and Brightsquid. The program has been developed to provide SMEs with the training and education required to address challenges related to privacy, security, regulatory, and integration activities. This program aims to address existing gaps and provides SMEs with the fundamental understanding of technical readiness, preparing them with the ability to tackle the complex integration requirements that are critical to success. SMEs that complete the program can expect to learn the following: 

  • Help early-stage companies understand the health information regulatory requirements for their product to commercialize
  • Provide basic knowledge for software development practices to incorporate privacy and security principles to be successful in the health sector 
  • Provide a clear overview of Canada’s healthcare delivery and health tech ecosystems 
  • Provide resource options at the conclusion of the course to clarify the road to market and commercialization

Through an extensive selection process, 11 companies were selected to participate in the platform.

Participant Companies

We are happy to introduce our participating companies.  Click their names below for more information.

Cohort 1

Health Cities and Brightsquid issued a press release announcing the participating companies of our first cohort.

During the first Digital Health Integration Readiness Platform (Pre-HaTCH) session, attendees were asked to pick a song that best describes the current status of their companies. Check out the Spotify playlist of the songs selected.


Cohort 2




Session Updates


“At Wosler, we aim to connect healthcare providers with one another. In other to do this securely, we also have to verify that the people that we are sharing patients’ healthcare information with are licensed and regulated providers. We must endeavor to include a way of providing digital verification to ensure a completely secure system. I am hoping that we keep learning from these sessions, but this session has already thought us crucial information that will stick for a while.”

-Henry Madubuobi, CEO at Vestibule

“It is great to see the level of accuracy in the understanding of the issues as they were a clear description of where we see the issues as well. It’s exciting to work on solutions that will help numerous advanced technological processes in the Health Industry.”

-Mike Stewart, VP of Business Development at My Viva Inc.

“Today’s session confirmed things I thought I knew, but was not certain I had right. It also served to fill in a lot of details. I found today’s session to be really worthwhile as it was down to earth and practical, just what less experienced companies need at this stage.”

-Stephen Naor, CEO at Coalese Health

“The healthcare information landscape is evolving rapidly. Many elements of this evolution favor the individual patient, which is good. But other elements favor further entrenchment of established information access and flow structures, and it’s all happening at different paces in different jurisdictions… no shortage of challenges for fast-moving innovators. All of the concepts discussed in these sessions will help us to continue ensuring the right commercial balance between enhancing healthcare quality of care and outcomes for our target end-user populations, while adapting to evolving regulatory requirements and minimizing exposure to related legal/financial risks. We will be putting our heads together to decide how best to assign ownership of the various pieces of this puzzle, so that no pieces fall off the table.”

-John Ralston, CEO at Protxx

“Less unknowns. The concepts teach how to mitigate the risk associated with private information, and what happens to it before it’s transferred to the electronic medical records. Our biggest takeaway was thinking about the privacy implication of our product being used in clinics, the responsibilities the custodians of our product have, and the steps they need to take with their affiliates and other doctors.”

– Shawyun Refahi, Business Development at Paradem

““The program is truly invaluable – we’re being stretched by it, but in a good way. I love how things are really coming together in terms of joining the dots between company goals and context, through specific actions or requirements. We feel a lot more confident in understanding the legislation, frameworks, and tools. We ultimately will de-risk our product based on understanding this now, rather than later in our company evolution.”

-Claire Dixon, Co-Founder and COO at Neuraura

“The session provided us with a better overall understanding about the regulations in order for our product to get into the healthcare system. We will improve our internal policies and product design to meet the requirements of these regulations. It helps us to plan earlier and schedule accordingly.”

-Jie Liang, President and CEO of AltumView Systems

“The sessions established a strong base of knowledge on privacy and security for our team. The principles of privacy by design were an important takeaway that shaped the concepts we need to be aware of in building our software and database. The worksheets provided were thought provoking and will be a useful resource to apply during our software build.”

-Sally Abou-Zeki, Director of Compliance at Qualisure Diagnostics

“Thank you for having included us in this amazing training session. It helped us identify several key issues that we knew that we had not addressed, but did not really know where to start identifying exactly what they were. Specifically, we were able to have a global view on regulatory system and best practices that govern medical information.

Along with helping us identify the overall regulatory and compliance environment, the sessions also allowed us to start working on specific risks and issues that we need to find solutions to. Within these sessions our software engineer was guided to understand how to manage the health and security and the best way to incorporate our product in the Canadian health system. The examples and resources used in this training session played an important role helping our team putting together the management security sheet. Other exercises helped us calculate the risk impact of key issues and prioritize the ones that we need to focus on first in order to bring forward our project. This session filled an important gap that we had identified in the development of our project. The vital information and processes that were shared with us will play a key role all the way until we finalized the project.

From all our Team in Highway Innovation, a Big thank you to Rohit, Chris, Rita, and the entire team for this excellent introduction to ensuring our new offering’s security, confidentiality, and interoperability in the Canadian medical technology environment. Thank you to the participants and their teams for making these sessions a great lesson and learn for us. We are looking Forward to continuing this great experience in the HaTCH program and getting our project to the next level.”

“After pre-Hatch we defined risk management and we know what the risks are and how to control them”.

– Imed Jouini, General Manager at Highway Innovation

“Getting that knowledge was critical for decision-making.”

– 8 Bit Cortex

” The program helped preparing from the beginning while the app is being developed. Brightsquid’s experience extremely valuable.”

– Wosler Diagnostics