Digital Health Integration Readiness Platform (Pre-HaTCH)

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The Digital Health Integration Readiness Platform (Pre-HaTCH) is a joint initiative between Health City and Brightsquid with funding support provided by Western Economic Diversification. The program has been developed to provide SMEs with the training and education required to address challenges related to privacy, security, regulatory, and integration activities. This program aims to address existing gaps and provides SMEs with the fundamental understanding of technical readiness, preparing them with the ability to tackle the complex integration requirements that are critical to success. SMEs that complete the program can expect to learn the following: 

  • Help early-stage companies understand the health information regulatory requirements for their product to commercialize
  • Provide basic knowledge for software development practices to incorporate privacy and security principles to be successful in the health sector 
  • Provide a clear overview of Canada’s healthcare delivery and health tech ecosystems 
  • Provide resource options at the conclusion of the course to clarify the road to market and commercialization

Through an extensive selection process, 11 companies were selected to participate in the platform.

Participant Companies

Health City and Brightsquid issued a press release announcing the participating companies.

We are happy to introduce our participating companies.  Click their names below for more information.

During the first Digital Health Integration Readiness Platform (Pre-HaTCH) session, attendees were asked to pick a song that best describes the current status of their companies. Check out the Spotify playlist of the songs selected.

Session Updates

Session One: Healthcare Information Governance – what is it and what are my obligations? 

Session Two: Healthcare Information Governance – what are the risks and how do I manage them?

Session Three: Healthcare Innovation – a deep dive into systems

Session Four – Health Ecosystem & Partner Opportunities


Testimonials coming soon!