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Here are some highlights from this week’s Health Innovation Roundup:


        • Edmonton ranked 69th on the Moove It Healthtech Index, which looks at cities with the most developed health tech ecosystems. Factors include the amount of research and development funding received by private institutions, as well as the number of active health tech startups within a city.
        • The Institute of Health Economics, headquartered in Edmonton, is partnering with the CAN Health Network to establish a mutual referral system for Canadian health tech companies. “Working with CAN Health Network, we hope to provide evidence that ensures technology adoption decisions are evidence-based, and reflect the best use of limited health system resources when introducing new promising solutions of value to patients,” said Dr. Chris McCabe, CEO of the institute.
        • University of Alberta music professor Michael Frishkopf is looking into reducing stress in intensive care patients using a personalized soothing soundscape created with AI. Frishkopf said such therapies can be cheaper than drug treatment.
        • Researchers from the universities of Alberta and Calgary are working on a brain-computer interface called Think2Switch that could allow children with severe mobility issues to move their wheelchairs with their minds.
        • Less than a million Albertans have received a flu shot so far this year, which is a decrease compared to the past two years. So far there have been three lab-confirmed influenza cases in the Edmonton Zone and one in the Calgary Zone.


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