Health City Talks Community – Alaxo

Taking a health innovation company from ideation to commercialization can be an arduous process, and building networks of support is essential to success. In a new series, Health City Talks Community, Health City examines this process with companies that have lived it and prospered. Moderator Stephanie Gillis-Paulgaard, Founder & Chief Strategist of Take Roots Consulting, asks innovators and business owners how they arrived at success, who helped them along the way, and what lessons other innovators can learn from their experiences.

In the first episode of Health City Talks Community, Stephanie sits down with Jack Huber, President at Alaxo Airway Stents to discuss the road to Alaxo’s success, and what role community played in the story. Jack is joined by early supporters Rob Stoddard, President & CEO at BioAlberta, and Brent Korte, Owner of Korte Consulting.