Edmonton, AB, November 27, 2019 – Health City is pleased to announce its partnership with Alberta Impact, an Edmonton-based online in-studio, television format talk show.

Health continues to be disrupted with technological innovations that ultimately affect the delivery of care itself. As advancements are made, Albertans need to have a vehicle that keeps them informed on the changing landscape. This partnership was established to create a vehicle that does exactly that, inform and discuss disruptions that directly impact Albertans.

“Alberta Impact has the right format to have real conversations on health disruption in this province,” stated Reg Joseph, Health City’s CEO. “Each episode will focus on different topics surrounding health disruption – from delivery of care to advancing technologies. We’re excited to build on the already successful model established earlier this year with Taproot Edmonton and the weekly online publication, Health Innovation Roundup.”

“Our goal is to dive deep into various industries and help educate the general public to facilitate more collaboration and investment opportunities in the province,” shared Bryce Lambert, Founder & Host, Alberta Impact. “This partnership allows Alberta Impact to explore the future of health and its impact on Albertans in an open format.”

About Health City

Health City is a non-profit, municipal economic development initiative created to connect, promote, catalyze and accelerate innovation in the health sector in Edmonton and surrounding region. Health City works with our community to create a vibrant health industry with health and social outcomes for our citizens. Our focus is on transforming innovations from our health ecosystem into solutions that have commercial application and global relevance; adopting them for impact in Edmonton and scaling them for export to global markets. For more information, visit www.edmontonhealthcity.ca.

Health City Inquiries:
Stephanie Gillis-Paulgaard
Email: stephanie@edmontonhealthcity.ca
Phone: 780-628-3101

About Albert Impact

Launched in September 2019, Alberta Impact is a one of a kind Online In-Studio, Television format Talk Show based out of Edmonton.  Innovators from various sectors such as Energy, Technology, Health & Medical, Sustainability, Agriculture and so forth are interviewed in an unbiased form to bring out accurate information for industry professionals and the general public. Interested parties may access episodes on Youtube and on FaceBook under “Alberta Impact”.

Alberta Impact Inquiries:
Praneeta Lambert
Email: praneeta@albertaimpact.ca###