The transformation of our health economy requires access to data. However, limited access to the data that companies would typically seek in research and discovery efforts remains a significant challenge in the innovation community. One organization in Canada has managed to collect readily available biodata to create a databank of information for companies, research groups, and innovators to access and use.

The Bio-Conversion Databank Foundation (BioDF) is a non-profit organization promoting the use of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help researchers in all industries and backgrounds efficiently identify, catalogue, and analyze biological samples, evaluate the opportunities for bioconversion, and optimize biological processes. Their efforts could translate to months and years of research saved and consolidated into just a few hours, rapidly reducing the length of time it takes to develop new tools and solutions.

In this episode of Health Cities Talks, Moderator Mack Male from Taproot Publishing interviews Dominic Sauvageau and John McDougall from Bio-Conversion to explore the possibilities and opportunities accessible and catalogued data provides to the entire health system, from innovators to patients.


  • John McDougall, President | Bio-Conversion Databank Foundation
  • Dominic Sauvageau, Engineering Biology Lead | Bio-Conversion Databank Foundation
  • Moderator Mack Male, Co-Founder & CEO | Taproot Publishing