Edmonton, AB, December 5, 2019 – Health City is pleased to announce the launch of ELIXR (Enhanced Learning Incorporating eXtended Reality), the first of its kind non-profit organization focused on using virtual reality technology and simulations to drive forward the way individuals interact, learn and communicate. The extended reality market is a key area of focus for Health City, whose mandate is to help pave the way for the transformation of our health economy. This will drive improved health outcomes and economic development for the region that can be scaled globally.

ELIXR has the ability to bring Edmonton-based post-secondary institutions together under one umbrella, building critical mass for such an important health sub sector. Educators and practice experts will have the ability to create virtual and augmented reality simulations, training and learning experiences. Using agile strategies, content can be distributed collaboratively through ELIXR’s network of publishers to ensure that high quality, extended reality learning experiences are made widely available to benefit students’ and practicing professionals’ continuing education and development.

“ELIXR Simulations is building a nimble bridge that links a network of Alberta post-secondary institutions with a rapidly growing community of virtual and augmented reality (XR) industry partners.  This will enable Alberta’s academic knowledge specialists to create simulations and learning experiences in XR that can be distributed worldwide,” stated Dr. Martin Ferguson-Pell, Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta.

“Health City has been involved in the design and start-up of ELIXR and  we’re excited to continue to support its impact on our economy,” shared Reg Joseph, Health City’s CEO. “We have the ability to connect them to the over 100 companies and organizations in our network, as well as join projects with funding from all levels of government, multinationals from the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, and philanthropic organizations.”

About ELIXR (Enhanced Learning Incorporating eXtended Reality)

ELIXR is non-profit organization that is born from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine’s Rehabilitation Robotics Lab and the UAlberta SMART Network. The role of ELIXR is to create a sustainable and accessible extended reality pipeline linking knowledge experts in universities to industry developers and publishers, and then deliver compelling, immersive and affordable learning experiences that can be viewed on students’ VR headsets, in simulation labs, or in university libraries. For more information, visit www.elixrsim.com.

About Health City

Health City is a non-profit, municipal economic development organization created to connect, promote, catalyze and accelerate innovation in the health sector in Edmonton and surrounding region. Health City works with our community to create a vibrant health industry with health and social outcomes for our citizens. Our focus is on transforming innovations from our health ecosystem into solutions that have commercial application and global relevance; adopting them for impact in Edmonton and scaling them for export to global markets. For more information, visit www.edmontonhealthcity.ca.


Health City Media Inquiries:
Stephanie Gillis-Paulgaard
Email: media@edmontonhealthcity.ca
Phone: 780-628-3101

ELIXR Inquiries:
Valery Dufour
Email: contact@elixrsim.com
Phone: 587-937-7897