Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (June 14, 2017) – Exciton Technologies has received approval from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for Exsalt®, the Company’s line of wound care products, using the antimicrobial properties of silver to prevent bacterial growth and the spread of infections.

The registration process was led by MKS Medicine Technology, a Beijing-based medical device company in conjunction with a distribution agreement signed in 2013. MKS will primarily focus on selling to the burn and chronic wound markets in highly populated areas of southeastern China, including Beijing, Guangdong Province and Shanghai. With more than 90 million diabetics and a growing population of elderly people, the need for effective wound care products is high.  CFDA approval expands the global reach for Exciton’s platform Ag Oxysalts™ technology. Sales of Exsalt® dressings could potentially double Exciton’s manufacturing output during the next year.

“Entering the China market means significantly more people suffering with devastating wounds have access to a clinically proven and cost-effective technology,” stated Rod Precht, President & CEO and founder of Exciton Technologies. “The first shipment of Exsalt® dressings has been delivered and positive feedback from doctors is already coming in. And we’re not done yet – we have big plans for developing new products to accelerate our global business strategy.”

MKS Vice President Jason Zhang commented, “the success of CFDA registration attributes to the innovative technology in Exsalt® and our significant industry experience. We believe we have the capabilities and relationships to make Exsalt® one of the few best brands for the wound care industry in China.”

“China is hungry for the products Alberta businesses create in health innovation.  By expanding to new markets Exciton is helping to diversify our economy and create new Alberta opportunities,” shared Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Deron Bilous.

About Exsalt® 

Exsalt® dressings, containing Exciton’s patented Ag Oxysalts™ technology, are already approved by Health Canada, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and CE marked for sale in Europe. The wound dressings have well established infection prevention properties and are now becoming increasingly recognized as an effective treatment for burns and non-healing chronic wounds.