Do you want to be a part of an inclusive, collaborative team while acting as a catalyst for growth and transformation in the health sector? 

Here at Health Cities, we do this every day. Each of our team members play a vital role in achieving our mandate of helping to transform the health economy, improve health outcomes, and drive economic development. 

This drive to create change is what compels our team on a day-to-day basis.  We are a small but mighty team of professionals who understand the power and importance of working both independently as well as collaboratively. Our days and tasks are full of variety, but always with a consistent end goal in sight. We are fortunate to have opportunities to meet and engage with members of our community, government, and industry, showcasing the endless potential for health innovation, and for building our network. 

Because of our size, the Health Cities team has a familial rapport, and we value inclusivity and diversity. Our team members support one another, our ideas, and the special skills we each bring to the table while also holding each other accountable and learning along the way. We acknowledge that each person’s circumstances are unique and offer flexibility in work environment and hours, and we do our best to support each team member in this way.  Our roles are clearly defined, but with room for growth and expansion of duties. Here at Health Cities, we acknowledge the importance of each task and role, and its part in achieving our overall goal.  

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Internship Stories

Kevin James interned with Health Cities as a MBA student with the University of Alberta.

What I enjoyed most about my 8 months as a Business Development Analyst (MBA Intern) at Health City was building meaningful relationships between innovators and partners across the public and private sectors in the Alberta health ecosystem. A personal highlight was the hands-on experience I gained in funding application, budgeting and project management for a pilot of home health monitoring technology in support of hundreds of Albertans and the healthcare professionals managing their chronic conditions during the COVID pandemic.



Liz Darko interned with Health Cities as a Master of Nursing student with the University of Alberta.

Interning with Health City provided me to experience unique opportunities and gain a better understanding of health innovations. My experience exposed me to the range of different options that I may consider for my career development. A friendly working environment and a great working team that supports one’s growth. I want to thank Health City for facilitating my learning experience.




Kelly Remus interned with Health Cities as a Master of Nursing student with the University of Alberta.

My internship with Health City was a unique and valuable experience! I was able to learn about unique innovations that helped broaden my perspective of the opportunities within healthcare in Alberta.

Mitchell Yeung interned with Health Cities as part of the Autism CanTech program through NorQuest College.

Working with Health Cities has been a great all-around experience. What I enjoyed most during my 2 months as an Administrative Intern at Health Cities was getting hands-on experience with data entry and being able to utilize the technical skills that I learned during the CanTech program. I want to thank the people at Health Cities for offering me this opportunity to experience what it is like to work in the digital economy and opening my eyes to new possibilities for a career.

Click here for more information on the Autism CanTech Program.

Jackie Libon interned with Health Cities as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing student at University of Alberta.

My experience as an intern with Health Cities was invaluable, as I was able to gain an understanding of another crucial part of healthcare. I have grown to recognize the vital importance innovation, economics and collaboration are within healthcare and how Health Cities contributes to enhancing Alberta’s healthcare system. 


Candice Ng interned with Health Cities as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing student at University of Alberta.

My time at Health Cities as an intern has given me new perspectives on how health innovations can improve community, client, and patient outcomes. It has been a remarkable experience to be a part of the Health Cities team and have the opportunity to learn from each team member. With a deeper appreciation of health innovation and technology, I look forward to applying my learning experiences to my work wherever I go.


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