Alberta Age Smart Home Care Project: Enhancing Aging in Place through Innovation

This project aims to reimagine the concept of aging in place by implementing innovative solutions that support older adults to live independently, safely, and comfortably in their own homes.

Addressing the challenges of aging in place, like health care access, home safety, and social connectivity, is vital. We invite companies interested in partnering to demonstrate their innovative solutions in the homes of older adults throughout Alberta.  

The objectives of this project are to:  

  • Evaluate the impact of innovative solutions on independence, health, and quality of life. 
  • Establish a scalable and replicable model of technology-integrated support for aging in place that can be adapted to different settings.
  • Provide evidence-based recommendations for policymakers and other healthcare providers on supporting aging in place. 

More information on the Age Smart Home Care Project

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In response to numerous requests for a deadline extension, we are pleased to announce that the submission system for the Alberta Age Smart Home Care Project Call for Innovation will remain open until July 22, 2024. This extension provides additional time for companies to submit their innovative solutions that support older adults in living independently and safely at home.

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Call For Innovative Solutions

Areas of Interest

Supporting activities of daily living like toileting and walking so older adults can live independently in their homes and community. 

Examples: Fall detection, smart lights, sensors, incontinence support, etc. 

Maintaining autonomy through disability and illness

Examples: Assistive technology like Google Assist and Alexa, rehabilitation solutions, etc. 

Strong social networks for older adults and caregivers. 

Examples: Social platforms, apps, etc. 

Improving the quality of care, meeting older adults where they are in the community, and taking a proactive approach to managing health. 

Examples: Digital health apps, remote home health monitoring, etc. 

Healthy aging as supported through exercise, diet, and mental health, while recognizing the social, economic, and contextual factors. 

Examples: Wearables, virtual exercise, improving accessibility, etc. 

Improving, maintaining, or reducing the decline of cognition in older adults. Supporting older adults with mild cognitive decline. 

Examples: Digital assessment tools, reminder tools, etc. 

How Do I know if my company is a good fit?

Your company might be an excellent fit if you

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Are committed to supporting older adults in aging comfortably within their own homes and communities. 

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Have developed a proven, innovative solution that addresses one of the Areas of Interest above and meets all the necessary regulatory requirements for commercial use.

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Are eager to collaborate with partners and evaluators and can support the implementation of your solution. 

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Understand the broader impact of supporting innovative projects that can influence policies, enabling equitable access to supportive technologies for older adults in Alberta.  

What is the value for Participating?

Participating companies will have the opportunity to:

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Trial their solutions with home care clients in Alberta, potentially broadening the adoption of these solutions beyond the project’s scope. 

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Gain access to independent third-party evaluations, demonstrating the positive impact of their solutions on older adults in the community. 

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Receive extensive exposure through social media campaigns, with features highlighting their contributions. 

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Contribute to a growing body of evidence that showcases how innovative solutions can help older adults remain in their homes and communities longer, influencing policy to expand access to these technologies. 

What is expected of my company?

As a participating company, you will be expected to:

Collaborate closely with other project partners in supporting implementation and engage in data collection and evaluation activities. 

Understand that this is not a typical vendor/customer relationship, There is a reimbursement model for directly incurred expenses. However, participating companies would also be expected to provide in kind contributions to the project are no costs required for participation, nor should direct financial gain be expected. 

Adhere to communicated project timelines. 

Next Steps

Expression of interest due no later than July 22, 2024

Submissions will be evaluated by the project team. If additional information is required, a project team member will reach out to you.  

Selected companies will be contacted by August 15, 2024.  

Implementation of selected innovations is expected to begin in September 2024 and will be ongoing until March 2025. 

Ready to proceed?  

Information collected will only be used for project selection and project reporting metrics. We are committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of all data provided. 

Future Projects

If you are interested in participating in future Health Cities projects, please submit your information in the form below. Future areas of interest include primary care, community health, women’s health, Indigenous health, mental health, and rural & remote health.