Companies Growing Companies – Learn with Tangent Design Engineering

Thursday, November 4 at 1pm

About the Session:

To be successful in global markets, companies need accessible resources for ideation to commercialization and beyond. Current tactics to build resource access and support include government-backed programs and VC funding. However, Alberta also has a robust ecosystem of companies providing platforms for market assets, enabling opportunities for mentorship, assessment, and collaboration. This builds networks within the innovation community that companies can access to rapidly build capacity to scale.

The Companies Growing Companies series features interactive conversations and lessons with experts in fields in various stages of company growth: product design, system integration, marketing, and capacity-building. Throughout the series, companies at every stage—from startup to multinational—will learn what it takes to succeed and grow in the health innovation sector, and why Alberta is the best place to build a business.

This episode will feature Tangent Design Engineering, an engineering and product design consultancy.

About Tangent Design Engineering:

Tangent Design Engineering Ltd. is a Calgary, Alberta based engineering firm that has been in business for 15 years helping companies create and optimize new technologies and products to maximize their market impact.  Tangent’s services include ideation and concept development, applied research and development, contract product engineering services, and manufacturing.  With more than 30 multidisciplinary engineers and designers, Tangent can tackle tough and engineering challenges that result in revolutionary products in the medical, industrial sensing and control, ag tech, transportation, oil and gas, and defense sectors.

Tangent’s strength is in our product development process.  Dubbed “The Framework”, Tangent continuously refines our execution and design processes to constantly improve our results.  Our ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 compliant development process can take projects from the earliest conceptual stage through to high volume contract manufacturing, or any stage in between.  We work closely with our clients to ensure excellent communication and information exchange, which is a key driver of positive outcomes in challenging development environments.

Tangent’s clients range from early stage entrepreneurs with little to no engineering team to large scale enterprises that may have hundreds or thousands of engineers.  We are flexible, accountable, and agile enough to fit easily with any sized group and any scope of work.  We are currently working on exciting projects utilizing machine learning at the edge, wireless wide area mesh networking for data acquisition, novel ultra-wide dynamic range flow sensing, wearable medical sensing technology, industrial system design, laser based toxic gas detection, and a number of other advanced technologies.

About the Panelists:

Josh Abbott is a managing partner at Tangent Design Engineering, where he has been developing revolutionary new products and technologies since 2006.  Initially focused on mechanical engineering, Josh now finds his role shifting into the management of business activities and teams.  Prior to joining Tangent Josh was a product manager at a medical device company designing and manufacturing digital X-ray systems.  He has been involved in product development and engineering in the industrial, consumer, and medical device industries and has managed numerous projects from initial design through to production. He holds an undergraduate degree from Queen’s University in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Engineering Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.  Josh uses his product development and engineering experience to provide product strategy planning, project management, and technical leadership to Tangent.  He has managed a large number of projects across several industries from initial design through to production.  Josh got into engineering to instill positive change into the world and he engineers success into every project he is involved with.

Chris Parker is a managing partner at Tangent Design Engineering, where he has been leading the development of the electrical and firmware teams since 2010.  Previous to Tangent, Chris managed research and development in a company that was commercializing laser spectroscopy equipment.   Since joining Tangent, Chris has been focused on building internal capabilities in electronics, firmware, software and machine learning/artificial intelligence.  Chris’ role at Tangent is focused on the development of new technologies and new products both for Tangent clients and internally.  Chris is focused on bringing new technologies to market and is passionate about turning new technologies into new companies.  Chris’ formal education includes a diploma from NAIT in Electronics Engineering Technology, an undergraduate degree from the University of Alberta in Electrical Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Computing Science (Internetworking).  Chris also leads in the design, deployment, and maintenance of Tangent’s ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality Management System.  Chris was attracted to engineering through technology, and continues to be a lifelong learner whenever the opportunity arises.

Joey Ndu serves as a Product Roadmap Consultant at Tangent Design Services, which means he helps our clients develop the right plan forward, considering market, technology, team, and available resources.  Over the past 20 years, he’s helped companies launch, pivot, or further engage with their market.  With successful engagements in medical devices and tech, oil and gas, large-scale water recycling, enterprise software, security, and more… he brings a unique skillset to help Tangent’s clients understand how to correctly position their products and educate their potential customers.


About the Moderator:

Lynette Tremblay, Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Invest Alberta

Lynette is the Vice President, Corporate Affairs with Invest Alberta Corporation,  a newly created organization focused on attracting high impact, high value investment to Alberta.  Prior to Invest Alberta, Lynette served as VP Strategy & Innovation with Edmonton Global helping to attract foreign direct investment to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Lynette has also held senior roles in economic development, municipal and provincial government and the private sector in B.C., Ontario and Alberta over the past 13 years. Lynette has helped build and transform organizations, led marketing, communications, policy and stakeholder relations. Lynette has a breadth of experience across public, private and non-profit sectors which helps strengthen operations, engage as an effective partner and promote Alberta to global investors. Lynette also serves on the board of the Edmonton Screen Industries Office and volunteers supporting women’s leadership initiatives.


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