Companies Growing Companies – Learn with Flawless Inbound

Wednesday, November 17 at 1pm

About the Session:

To be successful, Alberta startups need accessible resources to prepare for global markets from inception. Current tactics to build resource access and support include government-backed programs and VC funding. However, a more effective and efficient method is providing platforms for market assets to engage with startups, enabling opportunities for mentorship, assessment, and collaboration. This builds networks within the innovation community that companies are able to access to rapidly build capacity to scale.

The Companies Growing Companies series will feature interactive conversations and lessons with experts in fields needed in various stages of company growth: product design, system integration, marketing, and capacity-building. Throughout the series, companies at every stage—from startup to multinational—will learn what it takes to succeed and grow in the health innovation sector, and why Alberta is the best place to build a business.

This episode will feature Flawless Inbound, a management consultancy providing expertise in digital sales, marketing, and administrative framework.

About Flawless Inbound:

Flawless Inbound is on a mission to help B2B Technology, Manufacturing, Supply chain, and engineering firm Enable their Sales, Marketing and Services team to do more with less. Through implementing a full CRM/Digital Marketing/ERP platform that will bring automation and efficiency to their organization 

Their team supports a wide range of B2B organizations in North America. We work with mid-market B2B organizations $5M-$200M in revenue. We help them with their growth Strategy in Sales, Marketing, and Services enablement but also build a full Revenue driven framework. Focus on increasing Brand awareness, More quality leads and help in revenue growth YoY. 

About the Panelists:

Saher Ghattas, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder, Flawless Inbound  

Saher’s focus is on providing in-depth strategy on Sales & Marketing to B2B companies with sophisticated and niche products and services. Over 20 years he has worked with organizations from $3M-$25M, providing strategy and leadership guidelines at the C-suite and Director level across industries from manufacturing to technology, VAR/MSP and SaaS, to engineering, financial services, and telecommunications. 

Saher speaks frequently on B2B Sales & Marketing strategy at industry associations, economic development groups such as BCTech, TEC-Alberta, ATBX, ChannelNext, Cisco and Microsoft. He was also part of the Forbes Agency council, and have been featured in Edmonton Business magazine, and short listed for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for 2019. He wrote down his experiences helping 80+ organizations into a book, Journey to the Summit: Why Some B2B Organizations Can Achieve Exponential Growth While Others are Still Struggling, a deep dive no-fluff blueprint for any B2B organization who is series about their growth in the next 12-18 months.  


About the Moderator:

Lynette Tremblay, Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Invest Alberta

Lynette is the Vice President, Corporate Affairs with Invest Alberta Corporation,  a newly created organization focused on attracting high impact, high value investment to Alberta.  Prior to Invest Alberta, Lynette served as VP Strategy & Innovation with Edmonton Global helping to attract foreign direct investment to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Lynette has also held senior roles in economic development, municipal and provincial government and the private sector in B.C., Ontario and Alberta over the past 13 years. Lynette has helped build and transform organizations, led marketing, communications, policy and stakeholder relations. Lynette has a breadth of experience across public, private and non-profit sectors which helps strengthen operations, engage as an effective partner and promote Alberta to global investors. Lynette also serves on the board of the Edmonton Screen Industries Office and volunteers supporting women’s leadership initiatives.


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