Edmonton, AB, November 25, 2019 – Click&Push, an Edmonton-based wearable tech startup, received the Community Health Innovation Award for its work using a novel Redliner technology that measures the effort to propel a bicycle or wheelchair.  Redliner is paired with a mobile application to objectively measure exertion data and superimpose it on city maps.

This technology will provide a means to plan routes for cyclists based on their physical capacity and will also support urban planners to address the increasing diversity of cyclists in our cities and improved accessibility for wheelchair users. The Company’s proof of concept is ready to enter the production phase as a combined sensor and cell phone app. Click&Push intends to trial its product via Edmonton’s emerging Bike Program in the coming months.

“The team is honored to receive this award from Health City and the University of Alberta Health Accelerator program,” shared Click&Push’s Founder, Martin Ferguson-Pell, Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta. “We have developed a low cost “wearable” technology that can be fitted to bikes and wheelchairs that can accurately measure a wide range of performance parameters, including; power, speed, location, cadence and, particularly for wheelchair users, push style and over-exertion events.”

“This is a great example of the power of academic innovation with a community focus contributing to health outcomes,” stated Reg Joseph, CEO – Health City.

“We are excited to support Click&Push with their technology production phase and to help realize the health and social benefits of this innovative technology that was developed at the University of Alberta” stated Deborah James, Associate Vice-President of Innovation for the University of Alberta.

 About Click & Push Accessibility Inc.

Click&Push Accessibility Inc.  enables users to engage with their community without the fear of difficult terrain. Our cross-platform data collection app is used in conjunction with our accurate exertion monitor to obtain accessibility data collected by cyclist and also wheelchair users, and compile it into a map you can confidently use to plan and get around. More interested available at, www.clicknpush.ca.

About Health City

Health City is a non-profit, municipal economic development initiative created to connect, promote, catalyze and accelerate innovation in the health sector in Edmonton and surrounding region. Health City works with our community to create a vibrant health industry with health and social outcomes for our citizens. Our focus is on transforming innovations from our health ecosystem into solutions that have commercial application and global relevance; adopting them for impact in Edmonton and scaling them for export to global markets. For more information, visit www.edmontonhealthcity.ca.

About the UAlberta Health Accelerator Program

Operated by the University of Alberta office for Innovation the UAlberta Health Accelerator delivers mentoring, programming, and access to laboratory and office space to support innovation and entrepreneurship.


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