Project Uses Innovative Care Model to Increase Communication Between Patients and Providers

Edmonton, Alberta – March 30, 2021

Residents in central Alberta are enrolling in a home health monitoring project that uses technology to support health care management. The pandemic has increased the need for alternative care delivery models, as patients with chronic health conditions are at an increased risk of serious complications from exposure to illness. The initiative, called the Alberta Central Zone PCN Home Health Monitoring Project, uses teams of Primary Care Network (PCN) nurses and physicians to remotely monitor care for patients with chronic health conditions, minimizing risk of exposure to COVID-19 while easing stress on the health system. The project is a collaboration between the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services (AHS), Alberta Central Zone Primary Care Networks (PCNs), Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd., TELUS Health, Alberta Innovates, and Health City.

The project implements proven remote monitoring technologies. Using medical devices such as blood pressure cuffs, weigh scales, glucometers, pulse oximeters and thermometers, patients monitor their health at home. The data from these home measurements is stored in a secure online system that is monitored by their healthcare team. Patients may use their own devices to participate, or devices provided by their Primary Care Network team. Patient evaluations will be deployed throughout the project to assess success of the care model.

“Alberta’s government is committed to supporting innovative ways to deliver services to seniors and older adults more efficiently and effectively,” says Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing. “This partnership between the public, private and non-profit sectors will help improve the lives of seniors in central Alberta by giving them access to the tools and supports they need to stay healthy and independent in their chosen communities.”

“This system allows Primary Care Network chronic disease teams to efficiently support large numbers of patients at one time. Over several months of monitoring, feedback and education from their primary care team, patients are empowered to use home health monitoring equipment to gain control over their own health conditions,” says Dr. Turner, Associate Zone Medical Director – Primary Care, AHS Central Zone.

Two Alberta Central Zone PCNs successfully trialed the home health monitoring project in July 2020 to validate existing evidence that remote monitoring is an appropriate service delivery model for patients with chronic conditions. The current phase of the project includes an expansion to six additional central Alberta PCNs, with the goal of enrolling 500 patients over 20 months.

“The Alberta Central Zone PCN Home Health Monitoring project is the first of its kind in Alberta. The project works with health companies, agencies, and clinicians to improve care management for patients in a sustainable way,” states Reg Joseph, CEO, Health City. “Demonstrating the viability of home health monitoring in central Alberta could generate widespread adoption of the care model, leading to more affordable and efficient care for patients, and better health outcomes within the province while serving as a national model of care delivery for patients in rural areas.”

Tim Murphy, VP Health at Alberta Innovates, says “This initiative challenges our traditional ways of caring for patients in rural Alberta. We’re thrilled to be part of such a productive and valuable collaboration.”

“We are committed to delivering innovative healthcare solutions that reflect our mission to serve humankind by improving human health.  This is the purpose of our company. We are committed to helping ensure that patients living in rural communities with chronic conditions receive the type of care they need from home. This type of partnership will help impact the health and well-being of Albertans,” says Andrea Sambati, President and CEO, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.


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