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Canada is facing a significant demographic shift that has far-reaching implications for its healthcare system, social services, and economy. With a rapidly aging population, it is imperative to explore strategies that support healthy aging to enable Canadians to enjoy longer, more fulfilling lives while remaining in their own homes. Innovative solutions— care models, technologies, and framework— can support Canadians’ desire to age in their homes.

The Aging Population in Canada

Canada, like many other developed nations, is experiencing a demographic transformation. The proportion of the population aged 65 and older is steadily growing, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming decades. By 2051, it is estimated that a quarter of Canadians will be a senior citizen. As people age, their healthcare needs typically increase, putting additional strain on the healthcare system.

Around the world, nations are tackling common challenges posed by aging populations through comprehensive health system reforms that incorporate technologies to support in-home care. These reforms open doors to capitalize on economic growth opportunities while enhancing healthcare outcomes, particularly in regions with vibrant innovation ecosystems. Providing platforms for collaboration and pathways to commercialization enables local health technology companies to accelerate their product development, scale their solutions, and make a meaningful impact on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Thanks to its robust health innovation community, Alberta has a substantial opportunity to leverage its strengths in health and life sciences, not only to enhance access to care and alleviate pressure on the healthcare system but also to bolster its economic resilience.

Supporting Healthy Aging in Alberta

Health Cities is diligently working with clinicians, innovators, philanthropic organizations, and companies to develop new models of care that can drive better health outcomes and economic growth in the health sector. Pathways to commercialization like the Health Verticals Innovation Platform and the Digital Health Integration Readiness Platform (Pre-HaTCH); and projects like the HealthTech Home initiative and the Home Health Monitoring Program aim to not only uphold Alberta’s leadership in health innovation, but also to construct the essential frameworks required to proactively tackle forthcoming challenges. Most recently, Health Cities announced the Alberta Age Smart Home Care Project.

The Alberta Age Smart Home Care Project redefines aging in place by leveraging innovative solutions to help older adults live independently, safely, and comfortably at home. As Canada’s population ages and healthcare system pressures increase, this strategic partnership between Health Cities, Infinity Healthcare, and PIER Technology Consulting aims to build a sustainable home care framework that enhances senior safety and independence, reduces hospital admissions and long-term care placements, and establishes evidence-based best practices for integrating technology into aging-in-place strategies, creating a scalable model adaptable to diverse settings.

Modernizing Healthcare for Better Outcomes

Canada’s aging population presents both challenges and opportunities. To support healthy aging and enable Canadians to age better and at home, innovative solutions are essential. Alberta has an opportunity to leverage its innovation strengths to improve healthcare outcomes, address our current healthcare delivery challenges, and accelerate a knowledge-based sector that can be a significant contributor to job growth in Alberta. By supporting the pathways to commercialization and incorporating innovative care models, Alberta can serve as a leader for the nation and build a brighter future for all generations.